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Janet Eats a Bowl of Brussel Sprouts. Every. Single. Day. | Glamour Photo Shoot

Janet said she rarely, if ever, gets glammed up. So much so that she wanted to leave the dresses she bought for herView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Linnea

Being a Seattle glamour photographer means I get to photograph people like Linnea. People who are kind and thoughtfulView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Darci

Seattle Glamour Photographer Darci is one of the most thoughtful and upbeat people I have ever met. She has the type ofView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Bri

Seattle Glamour Photos I am always so honored when other photographers book a photo shoot with me. Bri is a photographerView full post »

Best Friends | Seattle Glamour Photo Shoot

Best Friends | Seattle Glamour Photo Shoot I love that Courtney and Nerys came in to the studio together. Having aView full post »

Desiree Hartsock | Seattle Glamour Photography

Seattle Glamour Photography Most of you know Desiree Hartsock because she was The Bachelorette on ABC last year. SheView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Heidi

Seattle Glamour Photography I “met” Heidi online last year after I did an interview with her dear friend,View full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Kelly

Kelly is the founder of an organization called Women for One, which is is a global community of women encouragingView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Stacia

Meet Stacia. She is a super friendly, gorgeous woman who I had a ton of fun photographing during a glamour party. StaciaView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Peg

Peg is a healer. She does energy work at Soul Window and just from spending the day with her, I can tell she is amazingView full post »

Glamour Photo Shoot | Seattle | Taylor

I am thrilled about my new photography studio in Gig Harbor. I can’t wait to post some photos of my beautifulView full post »

Taylor | Seattle Senior Photos

I absolutely love being a Seattle senior photographer. I get to hang out with awesome girls like Taylor, who isView full post »

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Why I Am a Glamour Photographer + 12 Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most important roles that defines me is that I am a friend. I have had a ton of amazing girlfriends my entireView full post »

Suz – Seattle Glamour Photographer

Suz is a one-of-a-kind. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I simply adore her. She is an amazingView full post »

My New Endeavors…

Being a Seattle glamour photographer makes me so happy. Ever since my exposure to contemporary  glamour  photographyView full post »