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Portrait Shoot | Alaina

Seattle Glamour Photographer

Alaina is one of the those people you meet who you feel like kindred spirits with. We met through the photography world several years ago and I liked her right away. She lives in Chicago and came to my studio in Seattle for a photo shoot for both headshots and glamour style portraits and we had so much fun! And she is gorgeous on top of it all.

Alaina is both a speech pathologist and a photographer in Chicago (you can check her out here). She is multi-talented;)

She brought this beautiful pink dress and I loved photographing her so much in the backlight. I mean, look at her eyes…so so so pretty.


I asked Alaina to write me a list of 10 things we might not know about her and her list is so fun…10 Things About Alaina Bos
1. I love peanut butter! So much so that I eat it right off the spoon when no one is looking.
2. It was my dream to move to Chicago “when I grew up”. Now I’ve been here almost 10 years and I still love it.
3. My favorite movie is Love Actually. The scene where Mark professes his love for Juliet at the front door still gets me every time! “To me you are perfect…” ahhh.
4. My motto: “Wine about it, you’ll feel better” My favorite kind? Pinot Noir from Oregon or France.
5. I lived overseas in Ireland with my husband for two years. I was sure this would get the wanderlust out of my system but now I just want to visit more places and experience as many different cultures as possible. I’m now certain that wanderlust never really goes away.
6. I have visited over 20 countries but have lost count. My goal is to visit 30 countries by age 40. I better get on that because I’ll be 34 in July. And there’s a baby on the way!
7. I love Taylor Swift (and her music too)! I look up to how she always manages to be a role model and take the high road. She is the real deal and I love how she plays such an active role in her business, making many executive decisions regarding her brand.
8. I love reading and buying new books. I always end up buying them and not reading them all the way through though… You should see my book shelf.
9. I am a total cat lady, but have a love-hate relationship with my kitty Buddy (his love bank is never full!!).
10. This year has been one of self-growth thus far. I’m finally learning how to love and appreciate myself at 33. This journey really began when I did this photo shoot and now I’m looking forward to providing the same service to other women through my photography as well.
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