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Glamour Photo Shoot | Heather

Heather. Beautiful Heather. She is a Love Coach (Be In Love), a photographer, a total sweetheart, and a fashionista. I often drool over her outfits and accessories. I mean, the girl comes up with the best looks! I’m incredibly honored that she chose me to photograph her.

Oh, and the darling Love is Love (LoveCore) tank that Heather is wearing down below was designed by her and you can order yours here!


I asked Heather to make me a list of 10 things about her. Just when I thought I couldn’t adore her more, I read her list…

10 (or 11;)) Things You Might Not Know About Heather

1. I don’t actually have time to be doing this right now —- but I have a strange, reverse kind of ADD where I can’t help but work on things instead of getting ready to get out the door to dinner, etc., and I’m always certain that I have enough time to do both…

2. I’m almost always 5 minutes late. See #1.


3. I have a DEEP love for helping women find, follow, and honor their path; become their most delicious selves; and create the most fulfilling and JUICY love and relationships —- it’s all embodied in a word that I discovered a few years ago: Poiesis. It is the ‘bringing forth’ of the essence of something… helping someone or something move away from its existing form to become its beautiful potential… It’s creating the space, the conditions, and the love in which to allow these entities to come to life, and come into their own being.

And it’s the driving force — besides LOVE — behind my Love Coaching + Photography business.

4. I gave Corporate America the middle finger this year, and dove head-first and whole-heartedly into #3 above. It’s terrifying, but the most aligned, enlivening, joyful and soul-filling thing I’ve ever done. Besides falling in love (which can be described in the same way).


5. One of my happiest happy-places is in the sunshine, outdoors, listening to Beck / Band of Horses / Washed Out / Ray Lamontagne / et al. Add a glass of delicious wine and my man by my side, and you’ll have a hard time making me leave.

6. I have weird ears.


7. I can get seriously and blissfully lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole — and I LOVE it when it happens.

8. I’ve spent most of my life, since about 12 years old, trying to hide the fact that I’m a weirdo…. I’m one of those ‘woo-people’, who has had energetic and intuitive experiences, and believes wholeheartedly in it. It was only fairly recently that I started letting my Freak Flag fly, and have started taking pride in the fact that it is part of my gift to give.



9. One of the first records I can remember playing is one that I stole from my dad’s collection, and played on my plastic Fischer Price record player: It was a 45 of Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser.”

10. I have 6 tattoos so far. Most people don’t notice that I have any. My last one was just this January — “be in love” on my left side-rib — and I already want more…;)


11. “This one goes to eleven.” Because I can’t resist a Spinal Tap reference, and because I always have to do things my own way — AND because I just felt incomplete without sharing more weirdness: I have a nearly-obsessive collection of The Clash / Joe Strummer paraphernalia… Records, books, posters, flyers, paintings by Ray Lowry, bootleg recordings, DVDs. I even had one of Joe’s oldest friends tell me he “would’ve really liked” me. If I could have tattooed that moment into my skin, too, I would have in a heartbeat…
While I was shooting Heather in her last outfit, the sun peeked over my backdrop and hit my lens causing, what I think, is the most beautiful sun-flare. It was very fitting. Heather truly adds a ray of sunlight to the room when she walks in.
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June 4, 2015 - 10:23 pm

Stacy Gendreau - This may just be one of my favorite posts of all time Nikki. You are simply fabulous. And Heather – well – pick me up cuz I just fell off my chair! Heather – you are a beauty – but truly the beauty comes from the kindness of your soul. You warm up any room you walk into. I adore you! I wish I could hug you both right now this second :)

June 12, 2015 - 3:05 pm

Fotografia Slubna Gdansk - Wow! These photos are totally amazing!

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