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Glamour Party | Seattle Bachelorette Party

Jaime and her bridesmaids came to my studio for part of Jaime’s bachelorette party. It was such a fun girl’s day to celebrate their wonderful friend. They each got their hair & makeup professionally styled and then they did individual photo shoots. At the end, we did a group photo. How special for Jaime to have all of her best girls, who live all over the country, together for such a fun day.

seattle bachelorette party

Jaime is in the black dress and the gorgeous blue sparkly earrings. She was the star of the day, seeing as it was her bachelorette party, so I asked her to write me a list of 10 things about her. I loved reading her list! She cracks me up.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Jaime

1. I am trying to learn all the lyrics to ‘Regulate’ because it is the hubby’s favorite 90’s rap song.

2. I am horrible at learning song lyrics! I have to hear a song at least 100 times before I even know the chorus!

3. My favorite meal is Korean food: Korean BBQ, bulgogi, japchae, kimchi jigae…

4. I really enjoy hockey and am a loud supporter of the Seattle Thunderbirds. I need Seattle to get a NHL team.

5. I love ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and wish I could do comedy improv.

6. I saw Nikki wearing a pair of TOMS wedges last summer. Since then, I’ve bought/been given at least four pairs of them because they are so comfortable!

7. My hubby and I wanted to honeymoon in a place that started with a B so we could be the Bongards in B…We just returned from Banff.

8. I have huge calves, but I appreciate them. I grew up dancing ballet and swimming competitively so they’re nice reminders of those times.

9. I adore going to the movies and will even go by myself if I can’t find someone to go with me!

10. I have a younger brother who is also adopted. He’s really cool. I joke that he is everyone’s favorite…and totally mine too! He’s also single

seattle bachelorette party ideas

Here is Jaime’s cousin, Anna, who traveled from New York for the wedding festivities.

seattle glamour photographers

This is Kim. Jaime’s mom had a dream that Kim had her baby on the day of Jaime and Jonathan’s wedding day! She didn’t;)

seattle maternity photographers

Amy and Jaime grew up together on a military base in Okinawa, Japan. They have remained close friends for all of these years!

Heather is also one of Jaime’s best friends from Okinawa. It was so great seeing the three girls together continuing their beautiful friendship!

seattle bachelorette party

seattle bachelorette party ideas

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Seattle Bachelorette Party Ideas

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