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Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot

I have been trying to write this post, about mothers & daughters, for a while now. I would write a sentence and erase it. Write another sentence and erase it. A bond between a mother and her daughter is something that is so incredibly special and unique — it is like no other — and trying to sum up this bond in a blog post just isn’t doing it justice.

It seems that the relationship with our mother grows and changes as we move from childhood to adults. As kids, there is no one else who can soothe us like our mom could. As teenagers, we challenge our mother as we start to develop independence. As adults, we move into a friendship with each other. I’m not a mother myself yet, but I have always heard that once women have their own children, the bond with their mother deepens even more than we thought it could.

I am so grateful that I get to capture the mother & daughter bond on camera. I get to give one of the most priceless gifts to a family.

Carolyn brought Maddie in for a mother & daughter photo shoot as part of Maddie’s Sweet 16 present. I loved hanging out with these girls. They are so close and have so much fun together. You can tell that they have their unique personalities, but that Carolyn has influenced Maddie in a way that only a mother can.

I asked them for their “10 Things About Us” and I love the memories that Carolyn included about Maddie growing up:

1.       Carolyn gave birth with only two Advil.  Her only regret from that amazing day is that she wasn’t brave enough to give birth at home

2.       In the first moments of her life, Madeleine didn’t cry.  She squeaked like a dolphin, drawing questions and smiles from even the surliest nurses

3.       Madeleine first laughed on August 13, 1998.  Madeleine took her very first steps on May 17, 1999.  Carolyn is still sad she missed Madeleine’s first steps.  She was at work

4.       Carolyn genuinely did not realize how much the name Madeleine sounded like Carolyn until Madeleine was almost two

5.       When Madeleine was three, she would often say to Carolyn “please give me twenty eleven kisses and read me sixty books.”

6.       At age four, Madeleine boycotted socks for four months.

7.       At the end of her fifth year, Madeleine and Carolyn moved from New York to Washington.

8.       When Madeleine was six, she decided that by dressing in the same pink outfit (a long skirt and velour sweater) for a month and half straight, she would transform into a cartoon character.  Carolyn, who was not briefed on Madeleine’s motive until a few months ago, nonetheless washed the outfit every other night.

9.       Together they have been to France, Japan, Italy and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together.

10.   For Madeleine’s 16th birthday, in addition to beautiful photos from Nikki Closser, she got a trip to the Coachella and an Audi.  People who don’t understand that Madeleine is the most amazing daughter a mother could ever have shouldn’t judge.

michigan mother and daughter photo shoot

I love that Carolyn brought out her Ramones shirt. She grew up in New York and used to watch the band back when she was growing up!
May 12, 2014 - 12:15 am

Whitney Lane - These are perfect Nikki!! They both look so beautiful and I wish I had photos like this for myself. Love Love LOVE

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