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Glamour Photo Shoot | Steph

A few weeks after Steph’s glamour photo shoot, I received a card from her in the mail. She wanted to thank me for the photographs of her that her daughters will have as keepsakes forever. She thanked me for a fun and special experience and for capturing her personality. She was grateful for a day of feeling pampered and beautiful because, let’s face it, mothers of young children don’t often get a day off to just enjoy being a woman.

Not only is Steph a mother to two little girls, but she is also a wife, best friend, sister, daughter, and a 1st grade teacher. Steph cares deeply about not only her own children, but about helping her students to become fluent readers. She dedicates so much of her time to helping others and this photo shoot day was all about her. Katie did Steph’s hair and makeup and we loved pampering her for the day!

I asked Steph to make me a list of 10 things about her. I loved reading her list. I needed the reminder of #1 — thanks, Steph;)

10 Things You Might Not Know About Steph:

1. I have the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff on my nightstand and I read at least one chapter a night. I’ve read this book on a continuous loop for years. When I once told someone about this, they said, “Steph, but you ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.'” Exactly, is what I thought!

2. I have continued the family tradition of having two daughters, the fourth generation of doing so- my maternal grandmother had a sister, my mom had a sister, I have a sister and Adam and I have two girls. It was destine for us!

3. I’ve been a soccer player since I was 5 and met my husband Adam due to our soccer connection. And go figure, we were both always #5. Maybe we can will one of our girls to take on our lucky family #.

4. I am a runner and have been for years. My first road race was when I was six years old.

5. I’ve crossed off running a marathon off my bucket list. I still need to cross off trying a pottery wheel class and yoga with silks class.

6. I am a part time first grade language arts teacher…

7. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d like to be a cookie connoisseur! Ha!

8. Surprisingly, I have no cavities but I have a HUGE sweet tooth!

9. Favorite flower…tulips!

10. Quotes that become my mantras through life…High school- Everything happens for a reason. Post high school- Life goes on. Hard phases with motherhood- This too shall pass. Current- Choose happiness and peace over stress. What will the next phase of my life bring?!

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May 30, 2014 - 1:10 am

Steph - Truly touching Nikki! Forever grateful!!!

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