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Tami | Glamour Photo Shoot

Tami is a dreamer. She is smart. She is compassionate. She is beautiful.

She is also a photographer based in Chicago and she is amazing at what she does (check her out here). Not only is she a photographer, but she LOVES film and I can’t wait to see what she creates.

Here are 10 Things You Might Not Know About Tami…

1. I played soccer from the age of 6 to 18 years old, and never scored a single goal! Ha! Actually, I did one time but they didn’t count it because the goalie had gotten flagged right before it. I’d like to justify this terrible statistic by the fact that I always played defense…but I think I was always played defense ’cause I had little fear in the game and couldn’t aim to save my life.

2. I almost majored in piano performance…but didn’t because I never wanted to come to the place of hating it. If there is one form of “art” I am most comfortable with…it’s piano. But it’s probably what I’m also most vulnerable with, so no one but my family ever hears me play. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t enjoy practicing. My mom was a very great pianist…so in a weird way, I feel very bonded to her whenever I play.

3. I always make an unpleasant task a game in my life…so I always clean in numbers. I load the dishwasher or clean my room, or fold laundry in numbers. I’ll do 10 or 20 of something, and then do something fun like check Instagram, or text a friend. Then, I’ll do 10 or 20 more, and find another reward. Basically, I’m 5 years old.

4. I broke my right arm when I was about 6 years old, and have never been able to completely straighten it ever since. I was trying to swing from one branch to another…thus, ending my Tarzan career stunt double aspirations right then and there.

5. One of my biggest guilty pleasures and time-wasters is watching interviews on Youtube. I’ll watch talk shows, daytime or late night, Oprah, Larry King, Howard Stern, Barbara Walters, 20/20, people promoting their movies…you name it. I’ll often have that playing while I work on my laptop. It’s a little weird, I’ll admit it.

6. Being raised in Japan, I didn’t have a favorite Disney princess. Instead, my hero was of a boy named Momo Taro who was a little warrior born from a peach.

7. I’m a descendant of Samurai. Which means, technically, our family was once royalty…and mentally, I have a roundhouse kick you don’t want to mess with.

8. I have this weird habit that began when we were on a family roadtrip to Arizona one year. It’s where I “jump over” mailboxes, lightpoles, and the road lines with my teeth. It was a game I started playing with myself, and now it’s a terrible habit. I’d never heard of anyone else doing it until last year when I was watching an interview (ha! see, full circle!) with Hugh Jackman…and he does the exact same thing! Considering he’s awesome, I now feel quite justified.

9. I had plans to become a lawyer…and was told by my family that I would be a good one since I was so good at arguing. Yikes!! Definitely NOT a compliment.

10. I lived in Oklahoma City for 1 legislative session as an assistant to a State Senator and then a State Representative. I still keep in contact with a couple of them still.


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