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Janet Eats a Bowl of Brussel Sprouts. Every. Single. Day. | Glamour Photo Shoot

Janet said she rarely, if ever, gets glammed up. So much so that she wanted to leave the dresses she bought for her glamour photo shoot at the studio in case someone else wanted to wear them! I made her take them because the colors on her were so gorgeous and she said she has a closet full of black.;)

The moment I most remember during Janet’s photo shoot was when she looked in the mirror after her hair and makeup was finished and her first dress was on. She had a ginormous smile on her face and she felt so beautiful. She was glowing.

Janet had me and my team in stitches from the moment she stepped into the studio. She has a quick wit and awesome sense of humor. When the camera was on her, though, she took it seriously and really listened to my directions. She was a joy to photograph.

I LOVE reading random facts about people. When the facebook craze to list 25 things about yourself hit, I was online for hours reading about people. So, I decided to start including “10 Things About Me” for my glamour photo shoot clients.

Here are Janet’s “10 Things You Might Not Know About Me”:

1. As a child I wished Andy Williams and Claudine Longet were my parents.

2. Kraft Country Crock mashed potatoes is the one thing keeping me from being a 59 year old skinny super model.

3. Working in the yard vs housework…yard wins every time.

4. I maintain three different sizes of clothes in my closet. Thats not really a secret.

5. When I’m eating at home alone, I do not watch my table manners.

6. I’m happiest when hiking in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

7. I think babies are boring after the first five minutes of staring at them.

8. I eat a bowl of brussels sprouts every day.

9. Listening to the band Bare Naked Ladies always makes me jump up and down and dance.

10. I want to live forever. I never want this to end.

 And one more random fact…Janet and I discovered that we are from the same hometown, Plymouth, MI.:)

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