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Glamour Photo Shoot | Darci

Seattle Glamour Photographer

Darci is one of the most thoughtful and upbeat people I have ever met. She has the type of energy that makes the whole room feel happy. She gets her hair done by Christine at A Prima Salon, which is below my Gig Harbor glamour studio. Christine told me that she knew I would love Darci right away — and she was right.

Darci is a self-made entrepreneur. She is a confident business woman who is amazing at what she does. Although, when Darci first came for her photo shoot, she didn’t show the same confidence that she has in the business world. She said she was nervous and that she doesn’t like getting her photos taken. She said she is not photogenic at all and that she was going to be a challenge for me. She hadn’t had photos done of herself since the 80’s!

I think most of us women struggle, or have struggled, with self-confidence when it comes to our appearance. I don’t think I have ever had someone walk through the door saying, “I LOVE getting my photos done.”  99% of the people who I have photographed have mentioned feeling nervous or not liking having their photo taken. Once they see their photos, though, it’s a different story. There is nothing better than seeing a woman’s face light up when she sees herself in her images and hearing her say that she feels beautiful.

After her first photo shoot was over, Darci said she had a such a blast and was sad that we were finished! In fact, she loved her photos so much, she booked another photo shoot 2 months later! Here are some of my favorites from her shoots:

seattle glamour photos

seattle glamour photographersseattle glamour photos

Nikki Closser, Seattle Glamour Photographer

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