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Dancing Bears and Bubble Pipes? Was I Destined to be a Dead Head? – Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer

My friend’s baby shower is coming up and the invitation requests that I bring a baby photo of myself. So, out came the old rubbermaid tub full of lots of little gems from my childhood.

While searching through it for a photo, I came across one of my writing journals from 2nd grade. I couldn’t help but notice that some of my stories closely resemble something a college kid who was rehashing his experience from a Grateful Dead show might have written.

I’m sure the smiley face on the Bubble Pipe story included extra stars because my teacher was laughing and thinking that she had to tell her teacher friends about the future stoner she had on her hands. The best part about the bubble pipe is that it created rubber bracelets and rubber rings. I mean, wow, I was really ambitious with what I made come out of those bubbles! And I love how there are random food stains on the Dancing Bear story. Nothing has changed there. The good thing is that I superseded  my stoner destiny.

It feels strange to get a glimpse into the mind of my 8-year-old self. I wonder what my every day thoughts were… Was I confident? Happy? Did I like my mullet? (I’ll have to post a photo of that sometime.)

Coming across this made my thoughts run wild. It really made me think about how important it is to nurture and take care of ourselves. To do the things we love. Thirty years from now, when I come across something that I wrote this year, I want to clearly remember that I was happy. That I was living life the way I wanted to live. That I liked my hair cut.

What will you remember 30 years from now about your life right now?



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