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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Suz & Greg – Golden Gardens – Seattle Wedding Photographer

Suz & Greg have undeniable chemistry. They have a sweet, playful, romantic way of interacting and I just loveView full post »

A Dream. A Story of Love and Life and Beauty. – Jill Conley in Paris

I am rarely at a loss for words. But, every time I sat down to write about the experience I had in Paris with JillView full post »

Seattle Wedding Photographer, Glamour Photographer

Featured Photo Friday: Before & After – Seattle Wedding Photographer

Meet Liz. Liz is a lovely, spunky, ambitious woman. She gave me permission to post a before and after photo and IView full post »

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Featured Photo Friday…on a Wednesday – Seattle Wedding Photographer

I missed last week’s Featured Photo Friday because I used up all of my blogging power writing about reSTARt. IView full post »

How do you celebrate your beauty? – Seattle Wedding Photography – Glamour Portraits

I was shocked when Kendra told me she had never had glamour portraits taken of her. Not only is she is an excellentView full post »

seattle wedding photographer

Happy Birthday, Dolly! – Seattle Wedding Photographer

If I had to choose to be someone famous, I would definitely choose Dolly Parton. Girlfriend is so sweet, sings like anView full post »

Wearing Sequins Will Improve My Personal Life…I Swear – Seattle Wedding Photographer

I have set some ginormous goals for myself for 2013. Most of which pertain to my photography business…that I haveView full post »

Posing a Beautiful Girl – Seattle Glamour Photographer

I turn into a total mess when someone is photographing me. I get an awkward smile and, good luck to the photographer ifView full post »

RESTART! – Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Is there such thing as an emotional hangover? If so, I definitely had one yesterday. In a good way. Wednesday wasView full post »

Dancing Bears and Bubble Pipes? Was I Destined to be a Dead Head? – Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer

My friend’s baby shower is coming up and the invitation requests that I bring a baby photo of myself. So, out cameView full post »

Featured Photo Friday – Seattle Wedding Photographer

There is something so mysterious about reflection images that I love. This one of bride Cindy was taken in a room at theView full post »

Got Friends? – Making Friends in a New City – Seattle Photographer

My struggle (and then success!) with meeting new friends in Seattle… My whole life, I have had a ton of amazingView full post »