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Why All Brides Should Have Bridal Portraits (in my humble opinion) – Seattle Wedding Photographer

Bridal portraits are very common in the south, but for some reason, the west coast hasn’t quite caught on to this yet. I personally wish I had done them for my own wedding (more on that later)! What are bridal portraits? It is a photo session prior to the wedding day of just the bride…or the bride AND the groom if they don’t mind seeing each other all fancied¬†up ahead of time.

One of my awesome clients, bride Megan, recently had me take her bridal portraits and she wrote to me that she is “SO GLAD” she did! I asked her what made her so glad and she said, aside from it being really fun, that she was able to see her dress from all angles and it made her not only feel confident that she chose the right dress, but she also noticed a few alterations that she wants to have done that she wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise. She also said it helped her make a better decision about how to wear her hair and just her overall bridal “look” in general. Lastly, she was so excited to be able to share the photos with her mom and sister who live out of state and weren’t able to be with her in person to try on dresses.

I wish I had done them for the same reasons that Megan said. Also, I am not the best at posing and seeing myself in photos of my dress ahead of time would have helped me see which poses were the most flattering for me to do on the day of our wedding! It just would have been a great “dry run” so that I knew how my veil, hair, make up, jewelry, etc. looked best. It can also lessen some stress on the wedding day because you will know that you already have some gorgeous individual photos as a bride:)

Megan is keeping the dress a secret from her groom, Sean, but she did show him this one photo, so I’m allowed to post it here:)I think she looks so beautiful and I am so excited for their wedding in August!

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