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    I am in love with photography & I'm in love with being in love! There is something about capturing moments of love that makes me incredibly happy. I put a lot of care & hard work into photography & I continually look for moments that will make your heart swoon when you look at your images. I have a lot of fun with my clients and I focus on making them feel comfortable & beautiful! I look forward to working with you and capturing your moments :)

Jenna | Glamour Photo Shoot

Jenna and I met on the set of creativeLIVE a little over a year ago. She is a brilliant business woman, an amazing friend, and a fantastic wedding photographer based in Wisconsin. We kept in touch over that last year and chatted about our dreams, successes, and just life in general. She is all-around awesome and I was thrilled when she said she was going to be visiting Seattle and that she wanted to book a glamour photo shoot.

seattle senior pictures

On her blog, she wrote a bit about her experience with me and why she thinks doing a photo shoot is so important. I got all teary-eyed reading it! You should definitely check it out; she took some gorgeous behind-the-scenes-photos (click here).

seattle senior pictures


seattle senior pictures

seattle glamour photography  seattle senior pictures

I asked Jenna to share with me a list of  10 things we might not know about her.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Jenna

1. I used to want to be a surgeon. I watched those gross shows on TV and signed up as a pre-med student for college only to change upon arrival and choose communications and business. Now I am a photographer, life is funny… isn’t it.

2. Me and my husband were best friends for three years before we dated. We had a joke that we had to kiss just once before he graduated and left just to see what it would be like… apparently it was good because we are now happily married.

3. I once was cast as Beauty in the play Beauty and the Beast, my sister was cast as Gargoyle #6… she still holds that over my head. (That was also the first and last time I sang on stage in public.)

4. I hate showering. I don’t mind the act of showering but having wet hair drives me crazy and I pretty much never blow dry my hair. I blame it on the years that I was on a swim team and lived in the pool.

5. Speaking of which, I was a collegiate diver. I did spring board diving through high school and college. I still hold school records and haven’t touched a diving board since my last meet senior year.

6. Up until last year I had never flown alone. I was scared that I wouldn’t know what to do… funny, because I have taken over 20 flights by myself in the last 365 days and flown more than I would like to admit.

7. I have the tastebuds of a five year old. My favorite foods include: macaroni and cheese shapes, grilled cheese, spaghettios, potato smiles, and chicken nuggets…. I would eat these food items every day if I could and my shopping cart is embarrassing when I grocery shop. (I may pretend that I have children at home to avoid judgement.)

8. My dogs keep me sane. Working from home in isolation would be unbearable without my two little rescue pups who sleep in my lap and listen to me talk to myself. They are my children and see how crazy I am – while still loving me. Thank God they can’t talk.

9. I can do pull ups, hand stand push ups, lift heavy weights and climb ropes. I do CrossFit and it’s a huge part of my identity. It has enabled me to meet some of my best friends and it a daily outing that gets me moving and allows social interaction.

10. I am an introvert: it seems weird because I am probably one of the most confident and outgoing humans you will ever meet but I love my time alone and my perfect day would include me working from home, drinking a glass of wine, and taking a nap – yes, I am obsessed with naps.

seattle glamour photographer

seattle senior picturesseattle senior pictures

Something Jenna didn’t mention on her list is that she creates GORGEOUS watercolor quotes and paintings. She announced that tomorrow she is launching her online shop and I will be one of her first customers. If you follow her on Instagram @jennakutcher, you can see her beautiful work.

seattle head shots

seattle glamour photography  seattle glamour shots

Nikki Closser, Seattle Glamour Photographer

April 10, 2014 - 5:03 pm

Julie Greer - You are both freaking AMAZING!!

April 10, 2014 - 5:29 pm

Amy Cheshire - Wow! Nikki these are gorgeous! Now I want to come to Seattle to have a shoot :) Maybe one day.

April 10, 2014 - 8:08 pm

Sidney Morgan - These are gorgeous. Way to go you two!! I may have to come to Seattle and have my photograph taken by you :)

April 11, 2014 - 10:05 am

Jade Thorby - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Nikki!!!! You are such a great photographer!! Jenna, you are stunning :)

Janet Eats a Bowl of Brussel Sprouts. Every. Single. Day. | Glamour Photo Shoot

Janet said she rarely, if ever, gets glammed up. So much so that she wanted to leave the dresses she bought for her glamour photo shoot at the studio in case someone else wanted to wear them! I made her take them because the colors on her were so gorgeous and she said she has a closet full of black.;)

The moment I most remember during Janet’s photo shoot was when she looked in the mirror after her hair and makeup was finished and her first dress was on. She had a ginormous smile on her face and she felt so beautiful. She was glowing.

Janet had me and my team in stitches from the moment she stepped into the studio. She has a quick wit and awesome sense of humor. When the camera was on her, though, she took it seriously and really listened to my directions. She was a joy to photograph.

I LOVE reading random facts about people. When the facebook craze to list 25 things about yourself hit, I was online for hours reading about people. So, I decided to start including “10 Things About Me” for my glamour photo shoot clients.

Here are Janet’s “10 Things You Might Not Know About Me”:

1. As a child I wished Andy Williams and Claudine Longet were my parents.

2. Kraft Country Crock mashed potatoes is the one thing keeping me from being a 59 year old skinny super model.

3. Working in the yard vs housework…yard wins every time.

4. I maintain three different sizes of clothes in my closet. Thats not really a secret.

5. When I’m eating at home alone, I do not watch my table manners.

6. I’m happiest when hiking in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

7. I think babies are boring after the first five minutes of staring at them.

8. I eat a bowl of brussels sprouts every day.

9. Listening to the band Bare Naked Ladies always makes me jump up and down and dance.

10. I want to live forever. I never want this to end.

 And one more random fact…Janet and I discovered that we are from the same hometown, Plymouth, MI.:)

Nikki Closser, Seattle Glamour Photographer

Glamour Photo Shoot | Linnea

Being a Seattle glamour photographer means I get to photograph people like Linnea. People who are kind and thoughtful and fun and absolutely beautiful. Linnea is certainly all of those things.

She is also a mother of two little darlings. I had the pleasure of meeting them when Linnea came to the studio for her photo reveal and those little munchkins loved my sparkly jewelry as much as I do! I think it is so important to have beautiful photos of yourself not only for you, but for your children. Linnea’s son and daughter are going to absolutely cherish the photos they have of their mother when they are adults. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Linnea didn’t wait for the “perfect” time to do photos. She just did it. We could make excuse after excuse about why it isn’t the right time to get in front of the camera. We say we need to lose weight, we don’t have the time, we can’t afford it, we want to make sure we get photos of the kids first… I could go on and on.

I have never heard someone say, “Wow, I wish my mom hadn’t gotten these beautiful photos taken. I mean, she REALLY needed to lose 10 pounds”. What I have heard is people say that their mom waited for the perfect time to get her photos taken and then the perfect time never came, so she never did it…and now they have very few really great photos of her. How amazing would it be if you had glamour portraits of your mom?!

Make sure you exist in photographs for your children. Just like Linnea does for her little loves.

seattle glamour photographer

seattle glamour photos

seattle glamour shots

seattle glamour photography  seattle glamour photos

Nikki Closser, Seattle Glamour Photographer, Wedding Photographer
March 10, 2014 - 1:58 am

Danica - Stunning! Love these!

OMG her eyes…freaking gorgeous!

March 10, 2014 - 7:59 am

Kate Breuer - Gorgeous! I love her outfits! And her eyes!

Glamour Photo Shoot | Darci

Seattle Glamour Photographer

Darci is one of the most thoughtful and upbeat people I have ever met. She has the type of energy that makes the whole room feel happy. She gets her hair done by Christine at A Prima Salon, which is below my Gig Harbor glamour studio. Christine told me that she knew I would love Darci right away — and she was right.

Darci is a self-made entrepreneur. She is a confident business woman who is amazing at what she does. Although, when Darci first came for her photo shoot, she didn’t show the same confidence that she has in the business world. She said she was nervous and that she doesn’t like getting her photos taken. She said she is not photogenic at all and that she was going to be a challenge for me. She hadn’t had photos done of herself since the 80′s!

I think most of us women struggle, or have struggled, with self-confidence when it comes to our appearance. I don’t think I have ever had someone walk through the door saying, “I LOVE getting my photos done.”  99% of the people who I have photographed have mentioned feeling nervous or not liking having their photo taken. Once they see their photos, though, it’s a different story. There is nothing better than seeing a woman’s face light up when she sees herself in her images and hearing her say that she feels beautiful.

After her first photo shoot was over, Darci said she had a such a blast and was sad that we were finished! In fact, she loved her photos so much, she booked another photo shoot 2 months later! Here are some of my favorites from her shoots:

seattle glamour photos

seattle glamour photographersseattle glamour photos

Nikki Closser, Seattle Glamour Photographer